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Get to Know Writer Shannon Waite

I’m going to throw you right in.

Slam. The metal frame of my car crunched and smashed against the car in front of me. I had been stopped and hit from behind at 75mph, jolted forward. The two women who were in my car with me died. Instantly, I think? I don’t remember. Everything I know I read in news articles and learned from other people who weren’t there.

Cops standing next to a totaled car
My totaled car

Other than not remembering the accident, I somehow ended up surviving with minimal damage (no broken bones, personality changes, or the like, although I think the chronic neck pain, arthritis in my back, and way I misplace words over ten years later are all long-term side effects). I couldn’t write though… I mean, I could, physically, but creatively I was dry.

I tell you about my accident because it stopped and restarted who I am as a writer. After it, I wasn’t inspired by anything even though writing had been a huge part of my identity for over fifteen years. Two years later though, I’d graduate with my (first) degree and rediscover storytelling (since I finally had free time again and reread the stories that used to inspire me). I’d soon start teaching, and writing on the side, earning publications and awards.

So hi. My name is Shannon Waite and I’m a writer, teacher, and observer of life and people.

I write stories about norms, characters who break norms, and society’s wounds. It’s always contemporary, often transgressive.

I’m a nerd.

Outside of that two-year hiatus, I’ve been writing creatively for a few decades. I’ve taught high school English and Creative Writing in Detroit for nearly a decade, and published student writing in five anthologies while partnered with Pages, a local bookshop, where our books were sold and launch parties were celebrated.

Alongside my experience in teaching, I’ve got three degrees and am probably not done. In case you’re curious:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in English and Teaching as a Second Language (Oakland University)
  2. Masters of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum with a focus on K-12 Administration (Michigan State University)
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with a focus on fiction (Oakland University)
Degree number 2

What I Write
I love transgressive fiction. I like dark, unexpected, and critical stories. Things that make me think and things that make me know people. I also love secrets, and this kind of writing always feels like a big, juicy secret. My recent rabbit hole though has been even more specifically how transgressive fiction can impact social change. Literature can have a huge impact on people and culture, and I research ways this can be done. This rabbit hole is deep and I look forward to poking my head out from time to time to share with you what I’m learning, and eventually compile it all into a full-length manuscript. In the meantime, I’ll be dropping insights in this blog.

One of the proudest moments of my life was watching my students become accomplished authors. I love working with people to think, plan, and write, and I know that I’m not done sharing all sorts of creative writing techniques with others. That’s why I’m here. My blog will be a resource for readers and writers like you — so you can dive deeper into the transgressive style and-or transform your writing into powerful pieces that engage and move.

So here’s where you come in:
If you love writing about the dark, or about the sensitive, or about the things that more people need to care about (or about all of the above), then this is the place for you. I give you tools to build your craft and be the writer you love reading. I hope you’ll join me and others in our journey.

I will be including posts about:
· Transgressive topics
· Creative writing skills and strategies
· Book reviews (on transgressive fiction)
· Online courses (for the writers who plan to excel!)
And probably other things from time to time (this is not an all-inclusive list).

I truly believe that with enough tools, you can craft the stories you want to tell and I can’t wait to read your progress. Together, we’ll explore things that guide us, inspire us, and work so you can tell your stories (beautifully and effectively! And sometimes persuasively.)

You could start a cult with this sh*t.

Connect with me
Website —
Instagram — @shannonwaiteauthor

Recent Publications
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Shannon Waite

Shannon Waite is an author focused on transgression and social change and, largely, how to combine the two.